Bars & Nightclubs
"How texting can work for you"

There's no better way to target adults than thru their mobile phones. That's why text messaging for bars and nightclubs is such a great Engaging & Interacting tool.

People out looking for the hottest place to go, best drink specials, happy hours and nightly events. Because every text message sent is likely to be opened and read by your target audience, it's a great way to promote to your opt-in database of bar and nightclub fans. Bars and Nightclubs fans can even read your text message while in somebody else's establishment.

The first step is establishing your database of bar and nightclub fans who want to become text message members. This is really quite easy. We offer a variety of ways to establish your opt-in database of bar and nightclub fans who want to receive your promotional text messages such as:

  • including a your own long-code text message promotion in your bar and nightclub advertising.
  • on-location text message promotions at your bar and nightclub.
  • simply having attractive staff walking around your bar and nightclub and asking for mobile phone numbers. You'll be surprised how many of your bar and nightclub customers are willing to simply give you their mobile phone numbers.

The second step is to reach out to your bar and nightclub customers with an effective text message campaign. If your bar and nightclub customer is getting something of value, he or she won't mind receiving your text messages.

  • free and discounted drink offers
  • free and discounted food offers
  • no cover charge with text
  • ladies nights
  • happy hour
  • VIP club line jumping
  • special events and guest DJ's
  • announcing that there's a celebrity in the house


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