Concert & Event Promoters
"How texting can work for you"

Concert & Event marketing can be difficult. Promoting a Concert & Event requires selling tickets to fill your venue space which requires effectively communicating to the audience using traditional marketing (TV, Newspaper (Print Advertising) and Radio), and you must offer worth-while promotions. This can be hard to quantify and extremely costly.
Mobile Text Marketing makes reaching a targeted audience easier than it has ever been for promoters. Our Mobile Text Marketing software allows you to quickly and easily build an effective Text Messaging campaign in just a few minutes.
Say a few dozen tickets of a sold out concert or event are released at the last minute. How do you let enough people know about them to fill those seats in time? With our Mobile Text Marketing software, you can have your message out in minutes to hundreds (or thousands) in your mobile text-marketing database. Maybe you want to stir up a buzz for a local event simply login to your SMS Manager, type a short text message, and hit Send. Again hundreds (or thousands) get your message.
Take charge with the real-time response of our Text Messaging platform a huge advantage for Concert & Event Promoters.
You may ask how do I build a Text Messaging database. This can simply happen using a couple of your existing venues by having your Concert or Event MC announce your keyword to the crowd or local radio station DJ's announce your keyword to their listener. Once they opt-in you now have them in your Text Messaging database.
If you're a concert or event promoter whose business plan does not include Text Messaging, then you're already one step behind your competitors!
There's really no more powerful way to reach out to your audience than by text message


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