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"How texting can work for you"

Ministries and religious organizations of all kind face the same challenges:

  • Keeping your congregation connected in today's world of digital distractions and information overload

  • Connecting with the youth, teens, and young adults of your community
  • Making your message meaningful the whole week long-not just the Sabbath
  • How can you achieve these goals and keep your religious community rejoicing?

You might think text messaging and houses of worship aren't exactly a match made in heaven. While more than a few kids have been caught texting each other during a service, its important to realize what a positive impact text messaging can have on your community.

  • Send daily Bible quotes straight to your member's mobile phones
  • Text scriptural quotes relevant to that week's sermon and keep congregants inspired all week long
  • Alert members instantly about schedule changes
  • Need to cancel Sunday school due to dangerous weather? Send out text alerts to reach the multitude in minutes
  • Notify parishioners of upcoming events
  • Want to ensure your social events are well attended? Remind members that day with automatic texts
  • Reach your youth by speaking their language
  • Did you know? Among 15-24 year olds, text messaging is by far the most frequently used channel for personal written communication
  • Stay updated about missionary efforts abroad
  • Use our technology to easily keep their community informed about on-going missionary work overseas
  • Every house of worship has to effectively communicate with their congregants. With a technology as flexible, ubiquitous, and as text messaging, the best answer is already in hand.


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